Integration of vision, force and tactile sensing for grasping

Published in Int. J. Intelligent Machines, 1999

Most robotic hands are either sensorless or lack the ability to report accurate position and force information relating to contact. This paper describes a robotic hand system that uses a limited set of native joint position and force sensing along with custom designed tactile sensors and real-time vision modules to accurately compute finger contacts and applied forces for grasping tasks. A number of experiments are described that show how these sensors can be combined to increase the capabilities of a robotic hand for grasping and manipulation tasks. 1

Recommended citation: Allen, P., Miller, Andrew T., Oh, P., and B. Leibowitz, Integration of Vision, Force and Tactile Sensing for Grasping Int. Journal of Intelligent Mechatronics,Vol. 4, No. 1, January 1999, pp. 129-149.

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