Interactive Sensor Planning

Published in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR), 1998

This paper describes an interactive sensor planning system, that can be used to select viewpoints subject to camera visibility, field of view and task constraints. Application areas for this method include surveillance planning, safety monitoring, architectural site design planning, and automated site modeling. Given a description, of the sensor's characteristics, the objects in the 3-D scene, and the targets to be viewed, our algorithms compute the set of admissible view points that satisfy the constraints. The system first builds topologically correct solid models of the scene from a variety of data sources. Viewing targets are then selected, and visibility volumes and field of view cones are computed and intersected to create viewing volumes where cameras can be placed. The user can interactively manipulate the scene and select multiple target features to be viewed by a camera. The user can also select candidate viewpoints within this volume to synthesize views and verify the correctness of the planning system. We present experimental results for the planning system on an actual complex city model.

Recommended citation: Stamos, Ioannis and Peter K. Allen, Interactive Sensor Planning , Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR), June 23-25, 1998, Santa Barbara, pp. 489-495.

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