Automated model acquisition from range images with view planning

Published in Proceedings: 1997 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, June 17-19, 1997, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1997

We present an incremental system that builds accurate CAD models of objects from multiple range images. Using a hybrid of surface mesh and volumetric representations, the system creates a "water-tight" 3D model at each step of the modeling process, allowing reasonable models to be built from a small number of views. We also present a method that can be used to plan the next view and reduce the number of scans needed to recover the object. Results are presented for the creation of 3D models of a computer game controller, a hip joint prosthesis, and a mechanical strut.

Recommended citation: Michael Reed, P. Allen, and I. Stamos, Automated Model Acquisition from Range Images with View Planning, in Proceedings of the 1997 Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Puerto Rico.

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